Structural Engineering is the science and art of designing civil engineering facilities so that they can safely resist the forces to which they may be subjected.  Enviroguide Consulting’s Structural engineers are key creative members of our client’s design team and are committed to sustainably developing a safer built environment.

Our engineering team combine expertise with innovation to meet any building challenge and are concerned with the design and construction of buildings, and special structures. Our engineers form part of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the provision of specialist skills required for large / small scale construction projects and have a proven track record with various architects, quantity surveyors, building service engineers and local authorities nationwide. 

Engineering Services

Our engineering services inclulde:

Structural Engineering & Design

Our engineers form part of a team of professionals whom are involved with construction projects and have work closely with various architects, quantity surveyors, building service engineers and local authorities. Our Structural Engineering Design services are broken down into the following categories:

  • Multi Storey Residential
  • Commercial Design & Certification
  • Temporary Works Design
  • Portal Frame Design
  • Reinforced Concrete & Structural Steel Design
  • V Strip / Raft & Piled
  • Demolition & Refurbishment
Technical Engineer Reports

Structural Reports

Delapidation Reports

Snag Lists 

Engineer Reports for Insurance Claims 

Boundary Dispute Resolution

Disagreements in respect of a boundary, can result in a boundary dispute between neighbours and or landowners. Disputes also can also arise over shared access, rights of way or even from the inheritance of land. Our engineers have been appointed by many disputing parties and individuals to undertake a GPS survey,  in order produce an objective and independent report which defines the boundary between adjoining properties. 

Land Registry Compliant Mapping

When a property or land holding requires a new title or is being registered for the first time, the new plot needs to be lodged and approved by the Property Registration Authority (PRAI) also known as Land Registry. Enviroguide Consulting can provide the complete service of site, boundary and land surveying, as well as the production of Land Registry Compliant maps for submission to the Land Registry. We also have extensive experience in the preparation of mapping for multi-story registration. All maps prepared by Enviroguide Consulting are prepared in compliance with the PRAI guidelines for digital mapping: Appendix 4, Appendix 5a and Appendix 7a (Multi-Storey)

Building Monitoring

What is building monitoring?
Some structures and buildings that are exposed to high levels of construction activities, vibration, ground movement, and adverse weather conditions need to be monitored to ensure they continue to retain their structural integrity. Over time, buildings exposed to these elements can lose their structural integrity and may require some construction / remediation works. Our team of engineers are proficient in the provision of  building monitoring services and would be happy to assist with any queries you may have. 

Site Engineering & Setting Out Services

Our site engineering & setting out services have been retained by various clients, subcontractors and operatives to date as well as the general public, to act as the main technical advisers on construction sites and private developments. Our engineering team play a very impotant role and are reposnisble for:

  • Site surveying;
  • Construction setting out; 
  • Progress meetings;
  • Resolving any unexpected technical problems;
  • Liaising between design engineers and the construction team, to ensure plans and drawings are accurate and achievable; and
  • Planning and organising work efficiently to meet deadlines.

Foundation Inspections

Foundation inspections involve investigating and analysing the structural integrity of foundation systems. which have become unstable. A full inspection report is produced by our team of engineers after each inspection detailing their, findings, conclusions and recomendations for our client, along with photographic evidence of thier findings.

Historic Document Research

Our consultants have extensive experience in the provision of historic document research with respect to planning applications, protected structures, listed buildings, conservation, building regulations and building compliance.

Opinions on Compliance

Our Consulting Engineers have extensive experience in the production of Opinions of Compliance with regard to Planning Permission and Building Regulations. Certificates and reports of this nature are becomming increasingly common, and are a requirement by many solcitors when it comes to the purchasing and selling of new and existing properties. 

Certification for Lending Institutions

Enviroguide Consulting can certify the construction of new houses and extensions. This involves carrying out periodic inspections during construction. These inspections typically involve inspections of the foundations, floor slab, walls, roof and floors. Our engineering consultants will liaise with lending institutions and issue Stage Payment Certificates and ‘sign off’ the building on completion.