Our consultants have vast experience working in different environmental and engineering roles across a range of different industries. It is our thorough environmental knowledge which best places us to assist your operation. 

Our services range across all environmental and sustainability fields and our experienced consultants can advise on best environmental practices.

Enviroguide Consulting is an approved Green Service Provider and is included in the Enterprise Ireland Green Service Provider Directory.  

The Enterprise Ireland Climate Action Voucher, GreenStart and GreenPlus Assignment Guidelines can be downloaded here

The Guidelines give an outline of the application and claims processes, eligible projects, and include templates for the report required at the grant draw down stage.

Environmental Services

Our environmental services include:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAR)

The Environmental Impact Assessment process is a statutory requirement for developments that meet a certain threshold. Enviroguide Consulting has a track record of project management and producing robust Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR) from scoping stage to the final EIAR which may be required for a planning application.

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Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA)

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) is a process of identifying and evaluating potential effects of development and proposed actions on habitats, species and ecosystems. The findings of an assessment can help clarify ecological issues when determining planning consent. EcIA can be used for the appraisal of projects of any scale including the ecological component of Environmental Impact Assessments. Unlike an EIAR, an EcIA on its own is not a statutory requirement. It is an evaluation process to support an assessment and planning application.

Enviroguide Consulting has a team of ecologists available to assist you in the compilation of an EcIA.

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Ecology Surveys

There are a number of plants and animal species that are legally protected in Ireland. If a planning application has the potential to impact these protected species a planning authority may request a protected species survey. Enviroguide Consulting offers a range of surveys, such as:

  • Bat surveys
  • Otter surveys
  • Badger surveys
  • Breeding bird surveys
  • Winter bird surveys
  • Newt surveys
  • Flora Identification and Habitat Mapping
  • Invasive Species identification and management

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Appropriate Assessments (AA)

Enviroguide Consulting has a team of ecologists who specialise in a range of species surveys and have produced Appropriate Assessment Screening Reports (AA), Natura Impact Statements (NIS) and Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) for large and small-scale developments.

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Invasive Species Management Plans

Enviroguide Consulting offers the identification of invasive species, for example Japanese Knotweed or Rhododendron Ponticum. We can advise and produce site specific invasive species management plans. The need for invasive species identification and management is a prerequisite for Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and the requirement for an invasive species assessment is a necessary part of all planning and licensing applications.

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Air Dispersion Modelling (AERMOD)

Enviroguide Consulting have completed odour dispersion modelling assessments for a range of facilities throughout Ireland as part of the EPA Licence Applications process. Our consultants are trained and experienced in the use of the USEPA approved modelling software AERMOD. We can assist companies in achieving compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.

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Odour Impact Assessment / Odour Management Plans

Enviroguide Consulting has a team of trained environmental consultants who are qualified to carry out Odour Nuisance Assessmenta in line with EPA Air Guidance Note 5 (AG5).  We can provide you with an independent assessment of your facility with regards to odour nuisance and offer best practice solutions for odour management on site.

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