GPS Surveying

Our in-house team of expert surveyors are proficient in the provision of GPS Surveying and have over 18 years’ experience in their field. GPS surveying of this nature is used to map and identify the terrain features of land areas in great detail.

This detail provides exact measurements and determines site features, building footprints, property boundaries and relevant data to the shape, contour, gravitation, location, elevation, or dimension of land or land features on or near the earth's surface for engineering, mapmaking, mining, land evaluation, construction, demolishing and development.

Our surveying services include:

Measured Building Surveys / Topographical Surveys

Measured building surveys are completed to give our clients an accurate representation of their building showing all structural elements and architectural features. Floor plans are key to give an accurate representation of the building layout, which is then backed up with elevations and cross sections presented as a highly detailed and scaled survey drawing. Measured building surveys are also completed for the purpose of first-time registration and for the production of Land Registry Compliant Mapping.

Our in-house team of expert land surveyors are proficient in the provision of Topographical Surveying. GPS surveying of this nature is used to map and identify the terrain features of a land area. Topographical surveying allows the surveyor to record site features with extensive detail inclusive of; but not limited to;

Existing Site Features
Buildings / Building Footprints
Streets / Roads
Manholes / Gullies
Walkways / Paths
Retaining Walls
ESB / Services Poles
Cross Sections

Topographic surveys are carried out when an area is being assessed for new construction projects or developments. These surveys are invaluable and are used to show the client, developers, architects and planning departments, to name but a few, what the land looks like now, and how it will impact design and construction. These surveys are also used to identify areas where construction is not possible or suitable and to determine where grading would be required. This is relevant for all kinds of projects such as road improvements, road construction, new housing, large developments, bridge erection, septic system installations, drainage, landscaping, infilling, re-contouring and environmental reclamation projects.

Drone Surveys & Inspections

Our drone operators are a team of highly skilled IAA certified drone pilots proficient in the art of UAV surveys and inspections. The data surveyed by our opertaors is collected and processed in-house using specialist software and techniques by our team of surveyors, BIM modellers and CAD technicians. Our consultants have extensive experience in the provision of drone surveys covering a wide variety of disciplines such as:

  • Land Surveying
  • Mapping
  • Building Inspections
  • Roof Surveys
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Condition / Dilapidation Surveys

Engineering Surveys / As – Built Surveys

As-built surveys are sometimes required at varying points throughout the construction stage to monitor a project as it is being constructed. As-Built Surveys can provide valuable information including whether the job is being done correctly, to monitor the level of completion, and to show if the structure is being constructed under the terms and regulations set out under the clients planning conditions and notice of grant by the local authority.

In general construction as-built surveys are required after the project / development has been completed. However, as-built surveys can also be used in conjunction with purchasing an existing building to verify what is being purchased and to confirm the properties boundaries.

Hydrographic & River Surveys

Hydrographic surveying is the science of measurement and description of features which affect maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging, offshore oil exploration/offshore oil drilling and related activities. Strong emphasis is placed on soundings, shorelines, tides, currents, seabed and submerged obstructions.  

Utility Mapping & Underground Services

Underground utility mapping is a process of identifying the location and labelling of  public utility mains which are located underground. These mains may include lines for telecommunication, fibre cables, electricity, gas, water mains and wastewater pipes.

3D Laser Scanning & Points Cloud Data

3D Laser Scanning is a modern surveying technique that captures the geometry of buildings, infrastructure, sites, buildings and bridges in 3D. The raw survey data consists of millions of 3D points which are then processed to create a range of specific deliverables which are then used in areas such as architecture, construction & preservation of buildings and monuments.

Preparation of 3D Contoured Land Maps

Topographic contoured maps are most often delivered as contours which are 2D isolines that depict the 3D shape of the Earth’s surface at a certain location.  These contours are then calculated by our team of experts to determine slope, water flow, cost estimates, cut and fill estimations, locations of undulations or hazards in the existing surface, and volumes of material

Volumetric Analysis & Cut & Fill Estimations

Volumetric surveys are carried out for projects that require the accurate calculation of volumes in order to establish quantities for tendering in building or civil engineering projects. Our consultants have extensive experience in the provision of volumetric surveys covering a wide variety of disciplines such as:

  • Land development
  • Landfill/cut & fill
  • Land use
  • Civil engineering
  • Extraction
  • Agricultural data
  • Architecture
  • Geology and mining
Boundary Mapping

When a property or land holding requires a new title or is being registered for the first time, the new plot needs to be lodged and approved by the Property Registration Authority (PRAI) also known as Land Registry. Enviroguide Consulting can provide the complete service of site, boundary and land surveying, as well as the production of Land Registry Compliant maps for submission to the Land Registry. We also have extensive experience in the preparation of mapping for multi-story registration. All maps prepared by Enviroguide Consulting are prepared in compliance with the PRAI guidelines for digital mapping: Appendix 4, Appendix 5a and Appendix 7a (Multi-Storey)