Environmental Liability

Enviroguide Consulting provides advice and guidance to assist our clients to understand the
environmental implications for their business, identify environmental liabilities and add value to their business with scientifically robust, practical and commercially viable environmental risk management solutions.

We have a proven track record in development of bespoke risk management solutions for property portfolio acquisition and divestiture, due diligence
evaluation of lease and tenant operations, ongoing licensed operations and management of liabilities to enable our clients to meet with corporate and
statutory obligations.

We provide advice and guidance on potential environmental liabilities and risks associated with ongoing operations and every phase of a project. We proactively work with our clients to minimise uncertainty, develop risk mitigation strategies and ensure delivery of risk management solutions to add
tangible value to their business.

Environmental Liability Services

Our range of environmental liability services includes:

Project Management

Enviroguide Consulting have a track record of project management of large and small-scale projects. We can offer specialised consultants with a broad range of experience, that can provide expert advice on planning, environmental compliance and waste. Our project managers have the experience to ensure projects are progressed and completed in an efficient and timely manner.

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Land Acquisition and Divestiture Support

Enviroguide Consulting offer the environmental advice and support needed to ensure an informed and smooth change management or acquisition of property.

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Environmental Due Diligence Assessments

Environmental due diligence is the process of assessing lands to be acquired / developed, identifying actual or potential environmental liabilities arising from current or historical land usage. Enviroguide Consulting offers both Phase 1 Site assessments, which are generally desktop exercises and Phase II site investigation works. The information gathered during an Environmental due diligence assessment is used to identify the need for, and extent of any site remediation measures, and the likely associated costs. 

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Statutory Consent Procedures

The planning process involves numerous elements for submission to the Local Authority or to An Bord Pleanála through Strategic Infrastructure Design (SID). Enviroguide Consulting has the experience and expertise to ensure all statutory elements are addressed prior to submitting an application.

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Oral Hearings Support

Oral hearings are a vital part of large planning developments. An Bord Pleanála has discretion to hold an oral hearing of any case e.g. an appeal, referral or an application for permission or approval of strategic infrastructure development. Enviroguide Consulting can provide experts to assist you during the oral hearing process.

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Stakeholder and Public Consultation and Engagement

Enviroguide Consulting has a wealth of knowledge of both Stakeholder and Public consultation and engagement. This experience includes facilitating workshops to running public consultation events, offering a range of tools to give added value to stakeholder and/or public consultation. Furthermore, ensuring all projects are in compliance with Aarhus Convention.

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Invasive Species Management Plans

Enviroguide Consulting offers the identification of invasive species, for example Japanese Knotweed or Rhododendron Ponticum. We can advise and produce site specific invasive species management plans. The need for invasive species identification and management is a prerequisite for Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and the requirement for an invasive species assessment is a necessary part of all planning and licensing applications.

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Environmental Compliance Auditing

Enviroguide Consulting has experienced and qualified environmental auditors, that can evaluate/audit any licensed or permitted facility to assess environmental compliance and management systems against site specific standards or regulatory permissions.

We can offer our clients a gap analysis, which evaluates the facilities environmental performance and environmental management systems against legal and other requirements, such as ISO14001. We can also provide and assist clients in establishing mechanisms to comply and evaluate environmental performance.

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